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Celebrating Women In Sports

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Cracker Jill. Celebrating Women in Sports!

Sometimes all it takes
to believe you can do something
is to see someone who looks like you
do it first

It is in this spirit that Cracker Jack® proudly introduces

Cracker Jill - Celebrating Wome in Sports!

A team of new faces, showing girls that they’re represented, even in our most iconic snacks.


After more than 125 years, the brand is expanding its roster, as Sailor Jack shares the spotlight with a new face, Cracker Jill™, who will take center stage on special-edition packaging in baseball stadiums across the country at the start of the season.

As we celebrate the women who have, and continue to, break down barriers, Cracker Jill™ shows girls and women across the country that they are represented, including in sports’ most iconic snack.

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