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Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad

Squad: Noelle Lambert, Jennifer Lozano, Kennedy Blades, Lindsey Zurbrugg, Ashleigh Johnson Squad: Noelle Lambert, Jennifer Lozano, Kennedy Blades, Lindsey Zurbrugg, Ashleigh Johnson

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Shining a light on women in sports

Cracker Jill Spotlight Squad

Lindsey Zurbrugg, Wheelchair Basketball (<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">@butcherbabe12<i class="srt">&nbsp;(opens a new window)</i></a>): Lindsey’s journey in para sports began after she sustained a spinal cord injury from an undiagnosed birth defect at the age of 13. Craving the sense of community that team sports provide, and missing the rush of wind blowing through her hair while competing, Lindsey entered the world of Wheelchair Basketball – where she’s gone on to make her mark earning two collegiate national championships. Lindsey is passionate about bringing para sports to a wider audience who may not realize just how competitive it can be. She believes sports have taught her invaluable life lessons such as the importance of accountability, work ethic, and timeliness. Fun fact: Lindsey was the 2023 #IAmCrackerJill contest winner and will be featured on Cracker Jill® bags this year.

Cracker Jack® is continuing its Cracker Jill® partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation® (WSF) through a $200,000 donation to support WSF’s mission to help girls and women play, compete, and lead – in sports and beyond – without barriers. Now in its third year, this partnership has invested a total of $600,000 to help expand access and opportunities for more than 29,000 girls and women in sports. Learn More  about Cracker Jill's partnership with the Women's Sports Foundation (opens a new window)


The Official Cracker Jill® Timeline

From a great idea to a delicious product on a mission


Cracker Jack® works with Monica Ahanonu to create the first-ever Cracker Jill® packaging.


Cracker Jack begins yearly partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation®, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring sport access and opportunity for girls and women, and donated $200k every year since.

Normani reimagines “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to celebrate the achievements of girls in sports.


NASCAR driver Natalie Decker debuts her new Cracker Jill AND Cracker Jack paint scheme at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Cracker Jill debuts the Spotlight Squad.

Cracker Jill features their I am Cracker Jill contest winner, Lindsey Z., on packaging nationwide.


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Representing girls and women on one of our most iconic snacks!