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Cracker Jill

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Sometimes, all it takes to believe you can do something is to see someone who looks like you do it first.

The Official Cracker Jill® Timeline

From a great idea to a delicious product on a mission


Cracker Jack® works with Monica Ahanonu to create the first-ever Cracker Jill® packaging.


Cracker Jack® partners with the Women’s Sports Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping girls unlock the lifelong benefits of sports, to donate $200K and launch the I am Cracker Jill® Award.

Cracker Jill® hits stores and stadiums around the country!

Normani reimagines “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to celebrate the achievements of girls in sports.


NASCAR driver Natalie Decker debuts her new Cracker Jill® AND Cracker Jack® paint scheme at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The I am Cracker Jill® contest awards 9 inspiring female athletes with monetary funds to pursue their sports dreams.


Cracker Jill® features their contest winner, Lindsey Z., on packaging nationwide.

Meet the
2023 Cracker Jill® Team

Meet the 2023
Cracker Jill® Team

We awarded each athlete with funds
to support their love of sports.

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Ball Popconers Popconers Popconers Ball
Arrow Linsey Zurbrugg

Meet the New

Cracker Jill®! Cracker Jill

Linsey Zurbrugg

Who is Lindsey?

Already a Paralympic medalist, Lindsey has her eyes set on an even bigger goal – seeing wheelchair basketball on major network television to show young women and girls everywhere what wheelchair basketball is all about. Becoming disabled at age 13, Lindsey made the switch to wheelchair basketball to feel the rush of wind in her hair while competing and to feel the sense of community that team sports give to an athlete. Sports have taught her life lessons including the importance of accountability, work ethic, and timeliness.

Unveiling the new Cracker Jill® TEAM Unveiling the new Cracker Jill® TEAM

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Tag us on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter using #IAMCRACKERJILL for a chance to be featured

Tag us on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter
using #IAMCRACKERJILL for a chance
to be featured

See the New Line Up!

Representing girls and women on one of our most iconic snacks!*